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A Guide to Optimising Your Business Facebook Page 

A Guide to Optimising Your Business Facebook Page 

Facebook remains the biggest social media platform, and with 74% of Facebook users visiting the platform daily, it’s a platform that should be a firm part in your Digital Marketing strategy. Facebook should be a firm part of your marketing strategy, as it allows your business to share content that aids as a value-add to your brand, as well as assisting in customer support. 

Why Does My Business Need A Facebook Page?

When searching for your business in the SERP’s, it is likely that your Facebook page will show up – meaning you want to optimise this as a landing page for your customers. 

How to Optimise a Facebook Business Page 

Create the Correct Category

When creating your Facebook page, you will get a selection of Page Categories to choose from. Including Local Business or Place, Company, Brand or Product, Public Figure, Entertainment and Cause or Community. Make sure to choose the one that suits your business best. 

Optimise General Info 

Make sure to fill out your About section. This includes your address, phone number, website URL and business description. This allows customers to get in touch with you via your website or telephone number. What’s more, these details help to build trust with users, as it shows that you are a real business. Also builds trust. When editing your description, add in keywords that you want to rank for. You can also add keywords throughout your content and posts. 

Add A Username 

Facebook now allows you to add a unique username to your profile. These custom usernames are short, userfield urls. When creating this, make sure to capitalize the words to enhance readability. Make sure to keep it memorable – and add in the location if you have multiple locations/pages. Adding a username allows users to find you easily and keeps your brand at top of mind.

Ratings and Reviews & Engaging with Customers

Engaging and interacting with users is an integral part of social media. Reviews help with Social Proofing, as well as helping to build a reputation for your business. Responding to and assisting customers helps to build relationships, and also shows customers that your brand is engaged and it cares about making customers happy. Prompt customers to leave reviews on your Facebook Page.

Add A Profile and Featured Image 

Facebook pages give you a great opportunity to reflect your brand. Your profile picture and featured image section are a great way to do this. Featured images appear at the top of your page, and you can add in here an image, video or slideshow. Use this feature to give customers an insight into what your business offers. 

Call to Action Button 

Below your cover photo there is a CTA button – this is used to encourage users to take action and interact with your business. There are lots of different options, such as ‘call now’ or ‘sign up’. This CTA button is a great way to drive traffic to your website and to make the customers journey even easier and shorter. 

Optimise Page Tabs 

Facebook tabs are those that appear at the top of your page, that customers can click to learn more about you (such as Reviews, Photos, About, Events). Some tabs may be more of a priority than others, so you can arrange these and turn them on and off. To do this, navigate to Settings, Edit Page and drag the three lined icon to the left of the tabs to reorder. 

Pin a Post to the Top of Your Page 

When posting new content to your page, older posts get pushed down further. Pinning a specific post to the top of your page allows it to stay there for longer, and is the first thing that customers see when they visit your page. Use this post to promote lead generation offers, upcoming events or important product announcements. To pin a post, click on the post from the top right drop down list and choose ‘Pin to Top’. 

Setup Messenger 

Facebook Messenger is a great way to show off how well your business can provide a service to customers and support customers in various ways. It is a way for customers to contact and connect with you. When setting this up, you need to consider how quickly you can respond to messages, as your responsiveness rate will appear on your page – showing how efficient your brand is at responding to enquiries. 

Post Images and Videos 

Videos are 40x more likely to be shared on social media compared to other types of content. They are a great way for customers to get a look at your brand. You can also use the Facebook Live feature to show an event that your company is throwing. Learn how to improve your Facebook engagement here


Those are our top Facebook Page Tips, which together with Facebook Ads is a great way to reach your target audience and position yourselves as market leaders. Need help with your Social Media Marketing? Contact our Social Specialists today! 


Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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