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Blog Content Creation

A blog is a discussion or informative web page on your site that is regularly updated with written information to help you reach a wide audience.

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Why start a blog?

Blogs are a valuable asset to your business for many reasons. They:

Drives traffic to your website.

Allow you to reach an audience and engage with your customers.

Fuel SEO and help you to increase your Quality Score for higher rankings in Search Engine results

Establishes authority and trust.


Types of Blog Posts

Infographics are sharable and linkable. An infographic retains the relevancy and can be shared easily several months after its initial publishing on a particular website. Infographics are the perfect format to share your content as they can be shared months after being produced and still be seen as relevant as before. Increase SEO with infographics by doing the following steps:

TUTORIALS AND HOW-TO - small steps and simplest terms on using your products or services

ARTICLES AND NEWS - write about recent events in your industry

LISTS - put information into a numbered list that’s easy for your readers to read and share

REVIEWS - review one product or compare multiple products

PROBLEM SOLVING - give a solution to problems that your customers might have

SERIES - maximise the impact of a bigger subject by breaking it down into parts

BEHIND THE SCENES - can include case studies from customers

Our blog posts

Need help creating relevant and regular blog posts?

How we can Help

We can help by creating informative blog posts for your website, that will help to bring users to your website. By adding blog posts to your website, this will help with SEO – which could help your website to rank higher organically in the Search Engine Results Pages.


Whether you’re look for industry based blogs, or product and general posts, we can tailor our services to your needs, ensuring that each blog is suitable for your audience and approved by you.

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