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5 Tips To Give your Brand a Boost On Social Media

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5 Tips To Give your Brand a Boost On Social Media

Launching your business on social media is an essential part of growing your brand. Whilst the idea of getting started might sound daunting, once you are up and running, a well-established social media presence can work wonders for your brand. However, without the right know-how growing your brand can be incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, we have put together our five top tips to help your brand flourish on social media, without spending a penny.

1. Regular Posting

Consistency is key. Post frequently to show your content to more potential customers. We’d recommend posting at least twice a week to keep your audience engaged. Consider when your audience will be online and schedule your post catch them at the right time. When you have posted enough, Facebook will track when your audience visits your page to give you a helping hand.

2. Add Value

Now that you know when to post, it’s time to figure out what to post. Content is specific to each social media channel and one size does not fit all! LinkedIn – for example – is a business orientated platform whilst Instagram uses images and videos to connect its users.

Whichever platforms you decide to use, make sure your posts give value to your audience. Consider what your audience can gain by seeing your content, is your content educational, sales related or – in some other way – beneficial to your audience?

3. Develop a Brand Image

A strong brand image is the reason all large companies post content which is easily identifiable. When creating your own brand image, think about how your content ties to your brand. Does your content fit?

Create a consistent tone of voice in your posts and use images which are the same size and share themes relevant to your brand. This will help you create a cohesive brand image across your social media channels, ensuring that you remain easily recognisable amongst your competitors.

4. Make a Content Calendar

Isn’t it amazing that all of the biggest brands always seem to be ahead of the curve? Creating a content calendar can help you track national days such as Christmas and the New Year which your brand can use. We would also recommend using sites such as Trello to help you plan your content in advance. This can help create varied content throughout the year and allow you to spot trends in advance.

5. Always Look for a New Angle

Trends fall in and out of fashion quickly on social media and your audience can quickly tire of rinsed and repeated content. Even if your unique selling point remains the same, refresh your marketing angle a couple of times throughout the year to avoid making your posts stagnant. Explore and experiment frequently with new ideas which will benefit both your brand and business.

Building your social presence takes time, as does establishing your audience. However, following these steps is a strong place to start. Remember, stay consistent, give your customers value and always look for a new angle. To see more advice from our team of marketing experts head here! If your business is looking to become armed with the knowledge to success in digital marketing, we offer training across all areas of social media. Discover more here.

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