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Infographics are a form of content marketing and are a visual representation of information or data. The aim of them is to show information in an easily understandable format, creating a captivating experience for the viewer.

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What are infographics?

Infographics are used to:

Convey a message or principle

Communicate a message

present a large amount of data or information that is compact and easy and analyse data.

View data patterns and relationships

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Infographics and SEO

Infographics are sharable and linkable. An infographic retains the relevancy and can be shared easily several months after its initial publishing on a particular website. Infographics are the perfect format to share your content as they can be shared months after being produced and still be seen as relevant as before. Increase SEO with infographics by doing the following steps:

Ensure the infographic keyword phrase is added in the posts URL, allowing search engines to rank it

Adding a file name will help your Google rankings

H1 tags above infographics in blog post so google can still read it

With the keyword phrase in the alt text, Google and other search engines will have an understanding of what the infographic is about.

Make sure your page is loading quickly and correctly. If the page takes forever to load, Google will be less likely to offer it as a suggestion to viewers.

Social sharing is becoming a huge deal for SEO. Including social buttons on your blog post and counting the social shares are important to gaining higher rankings.

Include keywords in the supporting text of your blog posts

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Examples of Infographics

Infographic example
Infographic example