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Ensure your website is GDPR compliant with our choice of solutions for all size businesses. What's more, if you are doing Marketing Activities (such as PPC), you may need additional GDPR work to comply.


Disclaimer – You can learn more about GDPR at the official GDPR page. How GDPR law applies to your business will depend on how you store and use customer data. It is your responsibility to ensure safeguards are put in place to become compliant. Our service is designed to help you with GDPR through improving areas which we believe will help you in the journey to becoming compliant but we cannot accept responsibility for your full compliance.

Our GDPR Solution

Our GDPR services focus on 5 main practises to ensure that your website is compliant in core areas. If your site is built on WordPress, we can implement these changes ourselves without further charges from your developer. However, if it is provided by a third party or is a custom built solution, then we will work with your supplier to implement the changes & will project manage the whole process for you.

Our GDPR Package Includes...

LEGAL DOCUMENTATION - We will create a bespoke (i) Privacy Policy (ii) Cookie Policy including full cookie disclosure (iii) Terms of Use (iv)User Content Agreement.

COOKIE CONTROL & USER ACCEPTANCE - We will implement user opt-in forms when your website first loads, which helps ensure there are options for users to accept or decline cookies.

WEBSITE FORMS - The new law states that when completing forms consumers have to express an explicit ‘opt in’ for you to be able to use their information. We will help your company to set up and implement this for all of your forms.

HTTPS / SSL - We will help your site become more secure with a SSL Certificate, meaning that your site will encrypt sensitive data. This will also help your SEO and will show your website as secure in browsers.

EMAIL DATABASE - You may have customer email records that you use to send marketing emails. We will help cleanse your lists through re-permissioning & opt in, so that you can continue to send emails to all of your customers.

Our GDPR policies are helped written by Data Law Specialist Solicitors. Documents are protected by CopyScape, meaning that all policies are totally unique to your company and website.

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GDPR Packages

We offer two packages - Business Plan & Business Plus Plan. The first package covers the minimum requirements and is ideal for businesses that do not carry out email marketing. The Plus package is recommended as it covers more areas. SSL certificates also help with SEO & are recommended by Google, hence it's included in the Plus plan.

  • GDPR Business Plan

  • £475 + VAT

    • 4 Legal Docs: Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Use, User Content Agreement
    • Cookie Control: User acceptance form
    • Website Forms: Express opt in
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  • GDPR Business Plus Plan

  • £695 + VAT

    • All Business Plan Items
    • PLUS HTTPS / SSL Secure Website Certificate
    • PLUS Email Database Re-permissioning & Cleansing
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We also offer Customisable Packages

Why Choose Us?

Our GDPR packages ensure that you are better equipped for GDPR, they provide evidence of proactive steps taken to become compliant. We will lessen your workload and carry out the tasks for you to supply bespoke legal documents and processes. We will also work with any 3rd parties, saving you more time and money.

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