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Case Studies

We work with clients in a variety of different industries and sectors, helping to boost their visibility with their target audience through Digital Marketing.

Midlands PPC Training

Case Studies

Below are some case studies of work that we have done.

Little Dessert Shop


Increasing sales through social media.


Target people who are interested in desserts, cake and coffee shops.


Website Purchases increased by 733% over the past two months.

Screenshot of Little Dessert Shop website
Screenshot of Richborough Estates website with green

Richborough Estates


Generate Leads at a lower CPA from search campaigns.


We utilised Dynamic Search Ads for mining keywords and Looked at audience and demographics insights to target bespoke ages that were driving leads at lower CPA.


We saw a steady decline in Cost per conversions and a healthy incremental increase in lead driven for Richborough Estates.

December 2020 was our best month to date where we drove a +55% increase in leads at a -67% drop in our cost per conversions.

Park Private Clinic


Full scale Digital campaigns.


Targeted local people looking Private Doctor services and deliver these as leads to the client through Google Ads & Facebook Ads.


Within 3 months of taking over the account we reduced overall costs by 44% yet increased conversion by 62% increase. On average 110 hot leads a month are delivered.

Park Private Clinic website with purple header banner and white logo, with stethoscope photo
Screenshot of Certikit website, with yellow and green backgrounds and video



Created a bespoke targeting strategy for a client targeting worldwide location.


Due to the scale of the campaign budgets were being drained on non converting countries.


On average Revenue increased by +49% &  Leads increased by +124%. CPC also decreased by -28% on average which allowed us to drive increased performance overall for the client.



Built web presence and manage Digital campaigns.


Target people looking for Test Resourcing, Specialist Testing, Digital Transformation, Testing Health Check and other industry-related services, deliver these as leads to the client through Google Ads.


Visits increased by 346% year on year.

Problem Properties website with yellow logo and house photo with yellow buttons

Problem Properties


Built web presence and manage full scale Digital campaigns.


Target people looking to sell their house for cash and deliver these as leads to the client through Google Ads & Facebook Ads.


63% increase in traffic, 41% increase in time on site, on average 32 hot leads delivered each month.

Pearl Smile Dentist


The goal was to increase Invisalign and teeth whitening leads.


People were visiting the site and not converting.


Using analysis from the Google paid campaigns and website heatmap we were able to make changes to the landing pages, website and ad copy which has increased conversions by a staggering 496% year on year.

Sectors We Work With

We work with a range of businesses in various sectors, and by tailoring our services to your needs, we can ensure our work will benefit your business. Below are some examples of sectors that we work in, however we also work in many more.

The Food and Drink Industry

We have helped numerous businesses within the food and drink industry to optimise their brand growth through Social Media. We have helped work on ad campaigns, as well as events to bring in new customers.

The Health Sector

We have aided positive website growth for businesses in the Health Industry through PPC, SEO and Remarketing, to increase brand visibility and trust with customers for when they need it most.

Car Industry

We have helped organisations within the car and motoring industry to build a customer base through our services.


We have worked with numerous councils and non-profit companies to help them with getting their brand visible with their target audience.

Housing & Property Market

We have created numerous websites for property & housing businesses, to then implement digital marketing strategies such as SEO and PPC, to increase their visibility.

The Finance Industry

We have helped organisations within the finance industry to build a customer base through our services, and to help increase their brands performance online.


We have experience working with e-commerce businesses, to optimise their websites and run successful PPC campaigns, to help get their products in the eyes of their target audience.

Construction Industry

We also work closely with construction based businesses, to increase their brands performance online.


We have worked with many Universities and Education Service companies to help build a strong brand and use PPC and remarketing to reach and target the correct audience.