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How to Get Customers to Review your Business

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How to Get Customers to Review your Business

Customer reviews are vital, whether your business provides a service or product. Many customers research and read reviews before deciding to make a purchase or enquiring about your services. So how do you ask a customer to review your business? Here are a few ways to get a review.


How to Ask for a Review


In person

Whilst your customers are in store, you can ask them for a review by providing forms for them to fill out. The benefit of doing this allows for you to physically see the customer write the review, which guarantees that you will receive it. Additionally, if the customer has a complaint, they are able to discuss their concerns right there and then, preventing a negative review.


Email reviews are great as websites like Mailchimp or allow you to bulk send review requests to customers. This is less time consuming than sending out individual emails as the websites do it for you. If you find that only a few customers submit reviews, why not try incentivising by giving customers a chance to win a discount on their next purchase or visit?

Social Media

Social Media is a good option as many customers check their profiles daily and may be more inclined to give a review. You can message customers directly or upload a link to your story which they can click on. So why not try using Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram to get reviews? You may even get a few follows or likes!


Ultimately, great service and high quality products underpin a positive review, so this should be your number one priority. For more information on reviews, you can read our blog here. If you need help with getting customer reviews through Social Media or Email Marketing, we can be of service. Contact us here.

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