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How to Get Customers Edit To Bad Reviews 

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How to Get Customers Edit To Bad Reviews 

Customer reviews are a great way to increase your reputation, and can also help with your marketing efforts. 

However, negative reviews can make you feel discouraged, and bad reviews can also make businesses question whether they should remove their business from listings, rather than facing the backlash of bad reviews. 

A negative review can mean the possibility of losing a customer, and we all know that it’s more cost effective to keep an existing customer, rather than acquiring a new customer. 

Are Negative Reviews the End? 

With 89% of consumers reading businesses responses to reviews, it is vital that you as a business respond to any reviews – both negative and positive – that they receive. 

Consumers can be forgiving. What defines your brand is how you handle the situation after the mistake was made. Many people have a basic understanding that mistakes can happen, and can be easily rectified. Negative reviews are often a cry for help from customers, someone that trusted the business and was disappointed. Your business needs to know what the steps are so ride to the rescue. 

Sometimes, the customer isn’t always right, and if educated in the right way, they may even change their review for example if they misunderstood a policy or service.

How Negative Reviews Become Positive 

Below is a three-point action timeline for how a review comes in to play: 

  • Reach – the customer reaches out about their negative experience with the brand 
  • Remedy – a fix occurs, whether that be from intervention with the brand or the consumer has a second positive experience, or the consumer self-correcting their own misunderstanding
  • Restoration – the initial unhappy customer is then restored to a positive customer, ready to use the brand for future transactions. This also means that the reputation of the brand is restored by the edited review reflecting better satisfaction. 

How to Change Negative reviews, to Positive

  • Positive Customer Service Policies – Poor and rude service can highly affect negative reviews, with 57% of consumer complaints being focused on customer service and employee behaviour. But with excellent customer service, you can easily turn this around. To do this, ensure that your staff has the relevant training on customer service 
  • Proactive Outreach – Businesses can reach out to customers which can happen in many ways. Firstly, businesses may know who the customer is from files on their system, or the may provide a response to the review to include company’s contact information for customers to get in touch with them 

Should You Actively Ask Customers to Edit Their Negative Reviews? 

Asking customers to edit their negative review can work, however there are some things you should keep in mind. Firstly, you need to make sure that the customer is 100% happy again, otherwise you could end up going further down in their opinion of you. You can say that you would appreciate an updated review. Be careful how you word your request for an updated review. 

In conclusion, you can prevent negative experiences by training and hiring staff and ensuring that your product and services meet expectations, that lead to customers not complaining in the first place. However, if you do receive a negative review, you can rectify this to turn things around. 

Rebecca is the Digital Marketing Assistant at Siren Search.

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