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How Investing in Digital Skills Can Reduce Staff Turnover 

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How Investing in Digital Skills Can Reduce Staff Turnover 

In the UK technology sector, they have the highest staff turnover at 13.2%. This can be due to multiple reasons, but one of the main reasons is due to workers now seeing the advantage of broadening their skills by changing jobs. 

What High Turnover Means to a Business 

When staff leave a business, the investment of hiring and training the outgoing employees vanishes, leaving the employer to pay the same costs again. What’s more, there is a knock on effect to daily task management, team morale, productivity and company image when staff turnover is high. Ultimately, keeping staff happy is a priority for many companies.

Investing in Digital Skills 

Digital Skills are something that millennial’s value heavily, and by 2025, millennial’s will make up to 75% of the workforce. So, by investing in your workforce digital training, you are helping to keep them happy. Below are some reasons on why digital skills help to keep workforce: 

Motivate Employees 

Developing and training your existing workforce is a cost effective and easy way to train employees. This allows teams to get professional and personal development – which is a major motivation factor for many employees. Higher motivation, helps to give your workforce higher empowerment – which results in a powerful retention tool. 

Increase Employee Productivity

Not only will increased skills mean that employees can do their job more easily, but it will also increase productivity as they will be more motivated (see above point). And more productivity, means better efficiency for the business. 

Competitive Edge 

87% of companies think that digital transformation is a competitive opportunity. Digital skills help an organisation to develop a competitive advantage. Digital skills are a fundamental element of competitive business models. By offering training that other companies may not give their employees, you are helping to retain your staff, whilst also getting an impactful competitive edge. 

Provide a Clear Path to Development 

If there’s little opportunity for progression, ambitious and in-demand skilled workers are more likely to leave a job. Providing a clear path for responsibility is vital in reducing employee turnover. Furthering your employees development with new processes and technologies, will allow them to feel valued and give them a powerful incentive to make them stay. 


Every company understands the importance of keeping staff happy, whilst reducing staff turnover, and equipping your team with ongoing digital skills training is a great place to start. If you want to provide your staff with Digital Marketing training, contact us now to see how our range of training courses could help you. 


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Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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