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Advantages of Remote Training Furloughed Staff 

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Advantages of Remote Training Furloughed Staff 

Whilst offices have been shut down during the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have turned to remote training for their workforce – and with over 6 million UK workers are on the government’s furlough scheme, businesses remain responsible for providing a duty of care, and they are looking at how their furloughed employees can remain engaged, to be in the best shape for their return to work. 

So what are the advantages of remote training for staff? Continue to read below… 

Keep Staff Engaged 

Training helps to keep employees’ minds active, as well as engaged in learning new things that will benefit their job role and the company. 

Employees Feel Valued 

Offering training to employees – even if they aren’t currently working – makes them feel valued as they are getting extra help, and this training will help to benefit them in the long run. 

Combat Social Isolation

The UK’s lockdown presented a large amount of difficulties, including social isolation. As most people normally leave the house to go to work everyday, it can be a huge change for them to be stuck in their home 24/7. However, remote training allows individuals to have some social interaction with their team – which can help their mental wellbeing. 

Affordable & Convenient 

With remote training, your team doesn’t need to be in the same geographical location – meaning that there are no travel costs. It also means that all of your team can attend, and will cut down on travel times too. Training can be adaptable to the schedule of the trainees, and you can also customise requirements, and personalise the experience. 


With video screen shares now able to hold up to 250 participants, there is no limit for how many people you can have on your remote training session at one time. This means that all of your workforce can get together and learn the same things at the same time – making it more efficient and saving on costs. 

Maintain Team Cohesion 

What’s more, this also means that there is more consistency with what your workforce is learning. 

As the world faces a new reality of working from home, businesses need to provide flexible work environments for their employees. If you’re interested in remote Digital Marketing training sessions for your workforce, get in touch with us today! 


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Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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