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Negative Keywords

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Negative Keywords

A negative keyword is a type of keyword that prevents your ad from being shown by a certain word or phrase. Negative keywords are extremely important in campaigns as they stop the budget getting wasted on unwanted clicks. One of the most popular negative keywords is free because business providing services don’t want people clicking on their ads who are looking for a no cost service. For example if you are a tax accountant you wouldn’t want people who are only looking for free tax advice to be clicking on your ads. The same goes for a divorce lawyer who wouldn’t want people looking for free advice to be clicking on their ads. There is even 210 searches per month in the UK for “free divorce lawyers” as show below:

Screenshot of keyword tool of free divorce lawyers

Therefore having “free” as a negative keyword would make sure the divorce lawyer wouldn’t get any of this traffic clicking on our ads and wasting money.

We at Siren Search have an Adwords campaign for getting more clients, therefore we want businesses who are looking for digital marketing companies to click on our ads. However sometimes our ads were getting clicked on by people looking for a job at a digital marketing company. Therefore we have jobs and vacancies as negative keywords in order to stop this happening.

The best way you can find negative keywords is using the ‘search terms report,’ as it shows you what people have typed in to find and click on your ads. Therefore you can see if their are any keywords you don’t want your ads showing for and make these negative keywords.

If you haven’t already added negative keywords to your campaign do so as soon as possible and sit back and watch your ROAS ( return on ad spend) increase!


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Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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