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Google Ad Extensions – How They Can Dramatically Increase The Success of Your PPC Campaigns

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Google Ad Extensions – How They Can Dramatically Increase The Success of Your PPC Campaigns

Google Ad Extensions help to increase ad rank and click through rate of your website. These allow you to add more content to your ad, giving you more space on the search results page and give people additional ways of reaching you.

There are a variety of Ad Extensions that you can use.

Sitelink Extensions

These are clickable words that link to specific pages. They can appear in two ways – simple wording or with descriptions. These are great for testimonials or pricing pages.


Location Extensions

These are a clickable link of your location or address, that come on their own line. They give viewers an idea of where your business is located in case they want to visit physically.

Call Extensions

These include a number so people can click to call, which you can also get conversion tracking on. This is a great way for users to get in touch quickly and may help to gain leads.

Message Extensions

These are ideal for people that prefer to texting over calling, again allowing users to get in touch with you easily – helping increase leads and building your brands reputation. This feature is only available on mobile devices.

App Extensions

These are links that allow people to download your app, by directing them to the appropriate app downloading service. This only appears on mobile devices.

Callout Extensions

These are additional descriptive text to callout features or services, which are separated by dots. A good example of what to go here includes free shipping, quick delivery and free support.

Seller Ratings Extensions

This is an extension that showcases your businesses high rating by gathering ratings from reputable sources. This shows with stars and total number of reviews generated, and rating on a scale of 1-5. We have written a whole blog post on Seller Rating Extensions, which can give you further insight into this.

Automated Ad Extensions

These are added automatically when Google Ads predicts they will improve campaigns performance.

All Google Ad Extensions discussed above are free to use, easy to set us and can significantly increase your click through rate. They provide a good opportunity for PPC campaigns to gain improvement



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