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How to Increase Conversions using Email Marketing


How to Increase Conversions using Email Marketing

Email is a great way to increase conversion, as it has the highest ROI over any digital channels. But in order to increase the conversion rates, your emails need to convert your audience to customers. Here are things to implement to increase conversion rates for email campaigns.

Create mobile optimised emails

Emails are more likely to be opened on mobile than they are on desktop. To achieve this, ensure that your subject lines are short, so that they can be seen on mobile. Secondly, be sure to make links visible and reduce the image size to shorten load times.

Timings of your email

By timing your email right, you can attract your customers with the correct message. You can do this by figuring out the customer journey. You can do this by sending out campaigns based on  customers past purchases, the time since the subscriber signed up for the list, and average order value. An example of this is a ‘welcome email’ that you send to people when they sign up.

Segment your email lists

Your email lists determine your open rates. Determine your lists by the type of subscribers, updating your list and removing any inactive users. You can also do this by segmenting demographics, behaviour and interests. This will ensure that you create personalised emails that are tailored to their interests, increasing relevance to them. This will help you to retain subscribers and keep them engaged.

Subject line

To get customers to convert, you first need to encourage them to open the email. Customise the subject line of your email campaigns, and make sure they are short yet descriptive. You can also create effective subject lines by adding a sense emotion, urgency or curiosity. Once enticed to open your emails, write compelling content and optimise to build solid relationships.


Email marketing assist you on meeting marketing goals, and are a great way to reach customers that have already shown an interest in you. Always monitor your open rates of the email campaigns that you send out, as this will help you to make improvements for the future.


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Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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