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E-commerce – How to Boost Conversion 

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E-commerce – How to Boost Conversion 

Building an effective e-commerce approach can be tricky – as it is not simply the case of building a website and waiting for the orders to come in. There are lots of tips, tricks and tactics that you can do to increase conversions from your website. 

Highlight Product Benefits  

You could have the best product in the world, but if a customer doesn’t know why they need it, then they probably won’t buy it. As a business, you need to highlight the reasons why a customer would want to make a purchase – often by offering a solution to one of their problems. Bonus points if you can solve one of their problems that they never even knew they had! 


On average, marketers see a 20% increase in sales when offering personalised experiences. This is because we as humans love to see things that are personalised and made for us. You can do this both on your website or in your marketing (especially email marketing), You should anticipate your customers needs and make relevant suggestions, which could be done by showing individualised offers, product recommendations, or other content based on customers previous actions and personal data.

Upsell and Cross-sell  

Similar to the above, you can cross-sell products to customers based on what they have (or will be putting) into their basket. You should recommend relevant product add-ons, that will  encourage customers to purchase a complete kit or product range. 


You may have heard us speak about Remarketing in the past – and that’s because it is a really powerful marketing technique. It allows you to show visitors the exact products that they viewed on your website, whilst they browse the rest of the internet. This means that you’re putting your products in the forefront of their mind, so that they are likely to go back and to complete the purchase. 

Abandoned Carts Email Marketing 

Customers may abandon their baskets for a whole host of reasons – but the important thing is how you bring them back. Sending out emails, offers or notifications to customers helps to increase their likelihood of checking out – and has been shown to boost conversion rates. What’s more – a staggering 28.3% of all ecommerce revenue comes from successful abandoned cart emails. 

Customer Reviews 

72% of people read reviews before taking any action when thinking about purchasing from a business. Customer reviews on your website are extremely powerful and shouldn’t be overlooked – plus they can increase the conversion rate by 18%! 


Need some help boosting your conversion rates but not sure where to start? Our Marketing Magicians can help with our range of services to help you reach your target audience. Contact us now to see how we can help. 


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