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Google Vs Bing

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Google Vs Bing

There is no doubt Google is the biggest search engine worldwide, but where exactly does bing rank? In the UK Google has a 89.1% market share in the UK and Bing is in second place with 6.76% market share. This shows the dominance of Google in the UK search industry and this is why as an agency we focus on Google. In the US Google have a 88.21% and Bing has 6.4% market share. However there is definitely still a place for Bing when setting up campaigns. 


Bing can be used for testing keywords, ads and landing pages with a smaller budget. With Bing the majority of the keywords have a lower cost per click due to less competition being on Bing. Therefore you can test your ads and landing page on Bing and see what kind of CTR and conversion rates you are getting. It is a good idea to do this before you publish your campaign on Google so you can make sure your ads and landing pages are decent before getting 10 times the number of clicks on Google. 


The Adwords and Bing software is quite similar and therefore you don’t have to learn a new system from scratch when creating Bing campaigns and ads. Also if you are looking for a job in digital marketing specially PPC it definitely works it getting both Google and Bing certifications. This shows you know how to set up and optimise both Google and Bing campaigns to employers which can give you an advantage offer other people who only know how to set up and optimise Google Adwords campaigns. 

Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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