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Episode 1: Using Instagram for Business – What is it and Why You Should Be Using It 

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Episode 1: Using Instagram for Business – What is it and Why You Should Be Using It 

Last year, we saw the rise of Instagram as a platform for businesses. This is because brands are deciding to use visual content to connect with prospects and customers. In 2018 alone, there were 25 million Instagram for Business profiles registered. 

Below, we answer all of your questions on what Instagram for Business is… 

What is Instagram For Business? 

Instagram now offers Instagram for Business – specifically tailored to brands to help with increasing their awareness and visibility online. This allows you to still post to Instragm similar to a personal profile, however you will have access to lots more features – including insights and analytics. 

How Does Instagram for Business Work? 

The key to this channel is to focus on creating lasting visual experiences, by sharing photos and creating visual assets for users. Your business needs to make an effort into creating impressionable visuals. And, with one third of Instagram users known to buy a product that they find on Instagram, it’s a social media channel that cannot be ignored. 

Who is Instagram Business For? 

You are not limited to B2C and C2C markets, many B2C companies are able to produce relevant and useful visuals for their target audience too. 

How to Use Instagram for Business? 

Build Trust With Your Target Audience 

Instagram wants to make customers happy. You need to build communities and create long lasting and quality relationships with your customers. This community will be who you interact with everyday, and your brand needs to build a trusting bond by creating an emotional connection with them, thus helping to increase engagement. This makes your brand more human and helps you to achieve more sales. 

You also need to share posts on a regular basis, you make the business appear trustworthy and approachable.

Create Brand Awareness 

As Instagram has over 800 million active users, it makes it a great platform to interact and build relationships. Instagram is the perfect tool to create brand awareness and grow via social media. However, you cannot sell and promote your products all the time, meaning you need to focus on producing visuals that are exciting and unique, as well as being relevant to your audience. Creating a strategy will help you to build trust with your followers and showcase your branding and creativity. However, you need to be patient with growing on this platform, as it will take time to reach the audience. 

Generate Engagement 

Posting on Instagram allows your followers to like and comment on your posts, message you, respond to stories and also share your content. This level of engagement is extremely powerful and useful for your business. 


Times are changing and Instagram is now seen as a valid and growing platform that all businesses need to be on – even if you don’t think that your products and services are typical to that on the social media platform. Next week, we will delve deeper on tactics to use on Instagram, including what and when to post. 


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