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6 Expert Tactics to Write Better Social Media Posts  

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6 Expert Tactics to Write Better Social Media Posts  

Social Media is a great way to promote your business, as organically it’s free to use, and you can reach a wide audience who have the same interests as you. 

Although social media can often feel like a minefield due to its popularity, its benefits are unquestionable, as it can help to drive traffic, find leads and help your organic SEO. 

Here are our top tips on how to write better social media content… 

How to Write Better Social Media Copy 

Write How You Talk 

The number one rule of writing for the internet is to write how you would talk, including the tone, simplicity and choice of language. This will help your content to be more natural and authentic, as well as being easier to read for your audience. Of course, different channels make require more jargon, for example your LinkedIn audience may have a better understanding of your business than those on Twitter, so you will want to tailor your language to reflect this. 

Write Consistently 

Not only is it good practise to post consistently on your social media channels in order to become more visible with your audience, but writing regularly will help you to get better within this skill. This in turn will help you to produce better content, helping to win over your audience. 

Get Started 

Sometimes, the hardest part of writing is simply starting out. However, you will notice that as soon as you start – you may struggle to stop! The best advice is to start writing with what comes into your head, and go from here. You can then edit the content heavily if needed. Get down all of the information onto paper and then edit from there. 

Look at Competitors 

Struggling for content ideas on what to post? A great piece of advice is to look at what content your competitors are producing, in order to get ideas for yourself. You will also discuss topics that you can discuss too. 

Provide Value 

Although every social media post will have a different goal, you should aim to always provide value to the audience. Give actionable advice, wisdom or information about your business in every update. 

Add Visual Elements 

It’s a well known fact that we are more likely to engage with content if it is visual rather than simple written text, so make sure that you include an image or video in every possible post. You can also include relevant GIFs or graphs and charts to help attract the users eye to your post, which could in turn help to increase website traffic. 


It’s important to remember that you won’t become a social media expert overnight, but small changes can really help your brand and posts to be seen. Here at Siren Search we understand that the world of Social Media can seem daunting, so we offer Social Media Training to you and your team to help with your growth online. Contact our friendly specialists today to get some more information! 


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