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4 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO 

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4 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO 

Local SEO is vital for businesses that operate on a regional basis, and need good footfall to their shop or offices. Local SEO focuses on appearing in the Search Engine Results in a specific location, to increase website traffic and leads. This strategy allows you to compete more effectively against bigger competitors. Here’s how to make your local SEO successful. 

1. Create a Google My Business Account – and Use it 

Google My Business is a really handy tool to establish your presence, as well as appear on Google Maps and building trust. Do this by claiming your business on Google My Business and verify your listing. Always make sure that you update all of your information (including address and phone number) and keep these up to date. Include your logo and images to build brand awareness, and hours of operation so that customers can find you. You can also write regular posts using Google Posts. 

Another great element of Google My Business is that you can encourage customers to leave reviews, which not only help to build trust with new customers but also helps SEO. Always respond to these reviews to build your brand identity. 

2. Create Content on Local Stories and Events 

This is a great way to attract customers attention in the local area, as well as helping your SEO. This could be as simple as writing blog posts about local news or events – be sure to add photos of you attending the events to get more exposure. At Siren Search we have implemented this by writing reviews of local events near to us, and changing our page titles to reflect our location, resulting in us now ranking 1st organically in the SERPS for related content. 

You can also include your location in regular blog posts, by adding in keywords such as ‘Birmingham’ or ‘Leeds’ if this is where you operate. 

Posting relevant local news on Google My Business Posts is also a great way to get seen. 

3. Use Local Keywords 

Use Keyword Planner to filter location based keywords to see how popular they are in each region – helping you to create a list of locally relevant keywords to target. Add these into your URLs, website content and meta descriptions to get the most of your SEO. 

4. Create a Specific Location Page 

If you operate in one area, location pages are vital to your business. This is also handy if you have multiple stores across an area – as creating an individual location page for each location helps with SEO. 

Alternatively, you can add this content to your ‘About Us’ page. This can include your contact details, opening hours, parking and accessibility, and promotions. Attaching a Google Maps of your location is also extremely effect, as well as Google 360. 


Local SEO is essential for businesses that rely on physical footfall, or customers from a specific area. It also helps small businesses that are just starting out – as it increase your brand awareness and presence. 


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Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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