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A Closer look into Alt Tags 

Illustration with computer and image for alt tags

A Closer look into Alt Tags 

Following on from our overall SEO blog post, we thought we would delve deeper into the world of Alt Tags. 

Alt tags are a fundamental part of SEO, and are also important for accessible reasons. Here’s everything you need to know about Alt Tags… 

What is an Alt Tag? 

Alt Tags are small descriptions added on to your images in the back end of your website. These should describe the image in detail but be kept short and precise. They are not visible on the front end of your website. 

The main reason that Alt Tags are important is because it allows screen readers to identify the image and read out loud to visually impaired people what the image is about. 

How do Alt Tags impact SEO? 

As Alt Tags allow for visually impaired people to use your website, it shows that your website is accessible for everyone. This also impacts SEO as Search Engines such as Google see this as a positive feature of a website – therefore more likely to rank it higher in the search engine results page. 

How to Write Alt Tags 

Writing Alt Tags is simple, so don’t overthink it. Aim to write less that 125 words, and describe the image accurately and exactly. Try not to add in too many keywords (such as the pages actual content) if they are irrelevant as Google could actually penalise you for this. Imagine that you are describing the image out loud, and use this to write your Alt Tag. Here are some examples…. 


Alt Tags are a simple thing to add to your website that can make a positive impact, not only for accessibility but also for SEO ranking purposes. Need help adding alt tags, or not sure where to start? Contact us for a FREE SEO Audit, which we can then implement for you. 


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