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Why Do All PPC Campaigns Need Conversions Tracking?

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Why Do All PPC Campaigns Need Conversions Tracking?

Before I start talking about the importance of conversion tracking I need to explain the what a conversion actually is. A conversion in Google Ads is when someone clicks on your ads and then takes action on your website or landing page that you’ve defined as valuable. Therefore a conversions could be:

  • A sale
  • A phone call
  • A form fill
  • Newsletter sign up
  • A sign up for a service

I believe tracking conversion of your PPC campaign is essential in order to determine the overall success of a campaign. You can spend a lot of money driving traffic to your website, however if you don’t have conversion tracking you won’t know if this traffic is leading to sales or sign ups. Therefore if you don’t know if your traffic from Adwords is leading to sign ups/sales how do you know if your campaign is profitable and is giving you a profitable return of investment. Other reasons why conversion tracking is essential:

  • Without conversion tracking you can only see the number of clicks and impressions your keywords are receiving. The statistics are information, however you won’t be able to work out which keywords are driving sales or leads. With keyword conversion data you can see which keywords are converting and therefore adjust your bids accordingly. For example if a certain keyword is converting well and has a low cost per conversion then we would look to increase max cpc on this keywords in order to raise the ad position. This is an example of keyword optimisation which is only possible with conversion tracking
  • We can also see how effective our ads are in terms of sales and sign ups. This allows you to test the messaging of these ads and determine the best performing ad messages. Also if there has been any promotions and these were mentioned in these ads you can see the effect of these promotions.
  • Give you key insights into landing pages. You could send ads to different landing pages with different elements and therefore test the effectiveness of different landing pages. This will help us to improve user experience on landing pages and landing page experience.
  • Different conversion actions have a different value to your business. For example, if you are an estate agents a form filled out for a request a showing on a house likely has more value for you than a visitor who subscribed to your blog, but both are significant.With conversion tracking, you can assign a value proportionate to the value that that conversion has for the way your business earns revenue.

Its estimated that around 70% of PPC traffic is untracked, which to me sounds crazy. You don’t even need to have specific coding skills now to implement tracking, as you can do this with Google Tag Manager. If you are running PPC campaigns ensure you have conversion tracking so that you can effectively optimise your campaigns and get the most of your campaigns. In my opinion you can’t accurately optimise your campaign without conversion tracking.


If you need any help implementing conversion tracking let us know and we can help with this.

Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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