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The Importance Of Client Reporting

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The Importance Of Client Reporting

As a digital marketing agency client reporting is very important as clients are paying us to create and manage AdWords. Therefore they should know what results are being achieved with our marketing efforts. It is important that we show them how many conversions (telephone calls, emails, contact form submission etc) we have driven to their business. As well as conversions it is also important that the cost per conversions is communicated so that the clients have an idea of their return on investment. There are many statistics you can tell your clients for example impressions, clicks, average position, CTR, etc, but it is important that you explain these terms when reporting.


It is important to be very transparent with the clients and whatever information they want to see from the account should be made visible to them. Different clients have different levels of Adwords experience so for example if they have a have previous experience of Adwords they may ask for information such as CTR and average position. However, clients with not much experience of AdWords might only want a summary of conversions and costs. It is important to cater for all levels of experience of clients.


Also when doing promotions for clients it is important to feedback results from the promotion. For example, if they have had a sale or discount offer we need to show them the results of this offer in terms of conversions. If a business is seasonal it can be useful to share a calendar with the clients so you know when sales are coming up and so you can prepare for these sales. For example, you can start creating specific ads and scheduling them in a week or so before. Having a calendar also improves client communication and clients know you are carrying out work for them at popular demand periods in the year.


Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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