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A Learning Guide to Turning Leads to Sales

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A Learning Guide to Turning Leads to Sales

Running a successful website starts with traffic and gaining conversions. But how do you turn these conversions into sales? It might seem like a difficult task, but here are some beneficial approaches that could work for your business…

Research Potential Clients

If selling B2B (Business to Business) it will pay to do some research on their website and social media channels to discover how they portray their brand and how they operate.

Teach your audience

Consumers like to feel empowered and have knowledge on what they are spending their money on. They want to learn the ins and outs of products and services before purchasing or speaking to salespeople. Aid them on this journey by providing solid information that they can use to make their decisions. This can be in the form of blogs, ebooks, infographics and videos. Research shows that knowledgeable content is 38% more effective in purchase considerations than simple branded content.

Close Deals

Potential clients will usually let you know when they are ready to go ahead with the product or service that you offer, but before this they need to understand the value that you offer. Ensure your website has effective landing pages, using things such as blog and page titles, and client testimonials or case studies.

Follow Up

Whilst clients may be taking their time to decide whether to use your products or services, they may also have forgotten about you. There is no harm in following up, a simple email or call can let them know that you value them. Offer to answer any questions that they may have to help build trust.


Turning conversions into sales all stems from building trust and relationships with customers, along with a strong website and web presence.


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