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What is a Privacy Policy?

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What is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is a legal document, outlining the methods and purposes of data processing activities, and how a company gathers, uses and manages customers data. This can include contact forms, newsletters and email lists.

Your Privacy Policy should include:

  • What data you are collecting
  • Who is collecting the data
  • Why is the data being collected
  • How you’re keeping their data safe
  • Name any other organisations data will be shared with
  • How to opt out of us using their data
  • What tracking technology is used on your site

GDPR states that your Privacy Policy should be:

  • Concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible
  • Clear, plain language
  • Available free of charge

Why should my company have a Privacy Policy?

  • It’s required by the law
  • It’s required by third party services – Services such as Google Adwords and Analytics require you to have a Privacy Policy that contains certain information about your use of their services
  • Users are interested in their privacy
  • It builds trust – it helps people to feel secure, resulting in them being more likely to use your website for longer and referring others to you
  • Increase Assets – By staying on the safe side of the law and making users feel secure, you increase your assets. This could potentially increase conversion rates


Your site must have a Privacy Policy to comply with the new GDPR law, which can be easily implemented on your site. Siren Search offer GDPR packages  that provide you with all the required GDPR documentation including a Privacy Policy and more.


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