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Forget Optimising For SEO, Is Optimising For ChatGPT The Next Big Thing?

Forget Optimising For SEO, Is Optimising For ChatGPT The Next Big Thing?

Remember when optimising for SEO was the number one priority to ensure that your brand held that top spot on Google? Well, SEO optimisation might be about to take a back seat thanks to the sneaky, but scarily intelligent ChatGPT, the AI system with 100 million users!

So, What Is ChatGPT?

Put simply, it is an artificial intelligence program which functions much like those annoying chatbots you see pop up when you are shopping online, with one major difference. While those chatbots you see on conventional websites are as dumb as dishwater, ChatGPT is very, very smart. It can make recommendations, write essays, and create code for your websites and thanks to some clever add-ons it can connect to ecommerce sites such as Shopify and recommend products which it believes are best suited for you. Oh, and it can do all of this in less than a minute!

But How Does That Impact SEO?

Here’s the kicker: by offering recommendations on products, websites and services, it scans the web to find exactly what you need based on your interactions within ChatGPT. Imagine if Google could speak to you and remember your conversations, how much more accurate would your results be? 

This is why the next big step for brands looking to get noticed might not be to focus on climbing the rankings in Google, but figuring out how to make ChatGPT more likely to recommend you over your competitors. The implications for this are a little scary as there are currently no rules on what this AI can, or should recommend.

Okay, So How Do You Optimise For ChatGPT

“As an AI language model, ChatGPT interacts with websites in much the same way as humans do. Therefore, to optimise your site for ChatGPT, you should focus on making it user-friendly and accessible, with clear and concise content that is easy for the model to understand. You should focus on using clear and concise language. Avoid using complex sentences and jargon and use simple language that is easy for the model to understand.”

Yes, ChatGPT did write that little bit above along with a top five recommendations list to do just that. With 100 million users and an ever-expanding list of skills being added to its AI CV every day, it won’t be long before ensuring that your site is AI-friendly is not just a good idea, but an absolute necessity!

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