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Creator Studio Is Toast

Creator Studio Is Toast

Eeek! Meta’s Creator Studio tools are disappearing from your desktops and phones and it’s time to panic!

Or is it? If you regularly visit Meta’s Creator Studio you’ll likely have noticed the little header which reads ‘Creator Studio is going away soon and will be replaced by Meta Business Suite’; but what does that mean?

Luckily for content creators this is much scarier than it sounds and although a lot will change once Meta pulls the curtains closed on the popular Creator Studio system, Meta plans to consolidate all of your insights and business tools into one place, Facebook Business Suite

This platform (although not at all new) will likely see a facelift to accommodate new features and should be capable of doing everything which Creator Studio could do including letting you create ads, access creator tools such as Go Live, create reels and edit videos. We have also been assured that this beefed up version of Business Suite will let you keep track of monetisation, check earnings, manage tasks and more. 

This will all work in conjunction with the standard tools which already occupy the Business Suite such as benchmarking your content, scheduling and viewing audience insights.

Perhaps the biggest question is whether or not the upgraded Business Suite will let you review data from multiple Facebook pages at once, as you can with the current iteration of Creator Studio. This is vital for rapidly gauging success if you produce content across a dozen pages. There is no word from Meta on this as of the time of writing so we must cross our fingers that this implementation is available upon launch. 

Creator Studio is not entirely gone however, in fact it would seem that Meta is expecting at least some backlash from die-hard fans of the platform as you will be able to switch back to Creator Studio on the fly by going into the settings and completing a short survey. By providing this option, you might assume that some current features of Creator Studio will be cut entirely from the new Business Suite model, or at the very least that there will be some UI changes which not everyone will agree with. 

Keep your eyes peeled for our breakdown of the new Business Suite features post-launch to ensure that you are fully in the know about what is coming, going and staying. For now, the official timeline from Meta for this overhaul of its creative systems simply stated as ‘launching soon’ and so we shall be reporting on this (fingers crossed) in the near future.

Click here to read Meta’s official statement on the change over and for advice on everything from making your SEO go that extra mile to beating your competition on Paid Social, click here!

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