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Why Remote Workforce Events Are So Important (Plus Event Ideas) 

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Why Remote Workforce Events Are So Important (Plus Event Ideas) 

Although guidelines say that we can return to the office, many businesses are choosing to go with a Hybrid Working Model – which allows teams to work from the office and home in equal parts. If you are going to be using a remote working model in the future, you will want to consider how to facilitate virtual team building to keep teams engaged and connected. 

Being in an office environment encourages you to become a strong unit – as you know each other’s personalities and you can build relationships, which further help collaboration and produce better results. However, working remotely can make forming and maintaining relationships harder. 

Remote team building is the effort of building connections to help increase productivity and the team morale. 

But what makes Remote Events so important? Read our thoughts below, including some event ideas. 

Why Should We Hold Remote Events? 

Boost Team Morale 

Remove work events help to boost morale, as they create enthusiasm and excitement among your team. This helps to increase motivation and also helps to bring the team together – both very important. 

Combat Loneliness 

When working from home, loneliness can creep in, as some people living on their own may go a long time without talking to someone. Work can often be a form of escape for people, and having a virtual team activity can bring people together and give them a chance to socialise and interact with a coworker. 

Increase Collaboration and Motivation 

Strong relationships between employees mean that they are better able to communicate, problem solve together, and can encourage employees to learn to work together more effectively. The goal of activities is to strengthen relationships. Also, an hour event helps people to forget about the outside world and motivates the team to carry on. 


Work from home events can be played anywhere at any time – so even if you have half of the team back in the office, and half remote working – everyone can join in. 

Encourages Creativity 

Like all events, WFH events can increase creativity. You can bounce ideas off one another and help you to get inspired and come together as one team. 

Remote Working Event Ideas 

Team lunch break 

A ‘virtual break room’ gives employees an opportunity to catch up and chat about non-work related things. These conversations are important to lift the mood and not feel isolated. During these breaks, you could encourage each other to share small good new stories and things that made them feel happy over the last week. 

Hold Virtual Company-wide Events 

These are a great way for employees to interact and hosting these events can be done over a video conference. 

Celebrate Achievements 

It’s important to show recognition and praise staff, and if you can’t do this in real life – you should find alternative ways to do this. Remember also that praise from peers is just as important as it is from management. 

Recreate the Friday Feeling 

At the end of the week, teams should be encouraged to relax and have a socialise. You could even hold virtual quizzes, or do a game to get to know one another. 


Virtual team building or events can help boost morale, productivity and improve overall results. 


Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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