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Work From Home Weariness? – How to Overcome Remote Working Fatigue

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Work From Home Weariness? – How to Overcome Remote Working Fatigue

Working from home has become a norm in which many of us have adjusted to, enjoying the perks of reduced travel costs, a flexible schedule and most importantly, a Covid-safe work environment. However for some people, working from home is becoming more of a challenge and the countdown to returning to the office couldn’t come sooner! A recent survey showed that more than half of UK workers are feeling fatigued from working from home, which is a worrying amount. If you feel this way, how can you beat remote working fatigue? Here are few tips from us at Siren Search:

Separate Work and Home

Separating work and home is easier said than done when household responsibilities such as children, pets and housework are all in eyesight. However, small actions such as setting a clear personal work space, or informing your family members that you can’t be disturbed for a period of time, can all help when it comes to concentrating on work.  At the end of the work day, where possible, try to move all work related items such as your laptop and notebooks by putting them in a drawer or cupboard. This will help with ‘turning off’ from work and getting into the mindset of being at home.

Take a (proper) Break

Taking a break is one of the most important things you can do in your day besides from working.  Without taking a break, your energy will quickly deplete causing a lack of focus and concentration. To ensure you fully recharge, be sure to have a healthy lunch, away from your work space. If you have time, taking a short walk can also help with clearing your mind and stretching your muscles after sitting down for long periods of time. If you find that you get tired during the work day, why not try taking a 15-20 minute power nap on your break. Just be sure to set your alarm!


For many people, especially those who live alone or away from family, working remotely can become challenging. With a lack of socialisation both at work and home, it is very easy to feel alone or isolated. But by maintaining communication with friends, family and colleagues, it can really help with fostering a sense of community. Speaking to work colleagues regularly over video calls rather than email or messages can even give you the feeling of being in the office.

Seek help when needed

If you feel that the lack of socialisation is particularly affecting your work performance, then  be sure to speak to HR or your Line Manager who will be able to support you from a work perspective. However, if you find that you are having difficulties at home such as sleep problems, an irritable mood or decreased ability to focus or relax, then it is important to contact your GP or Health Care Practitioner.

Here at Siren Search we maintain a positive work environment both remotely and in the office by looking out for each member of our team. To find out more About Us and Our Team, click here.

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