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How YouTube Can Help Optimise Your Marketing Funnel 

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How YouTube Can Help Optimise Your Marketing Funnel 

With online video surging over the past few years, it is now a fundamental part of building brand awareness with potential customers throughout every stage of their journey. 

How Can YouTube Help Your Marketing Funnel? 

It Will Motivate People 

Video is a great resource for people that want to learn new skills, with 4 in 5 people saying that video allows them to do this. People like to watch videos for self-improvement, and being able to see real experiences of new things gives people confidence. Positioning your brand as an industry expert helps to encourage users to click on and watch your videos, and adds value to the consumer as they can now become educated and learn something new. 

It Helps with Discovery 

People may not watch a video with the intention of buying, but they will be open to discovery – which helps them to learn about new brands and products. People will remember the video they watched, along with your brand, which helps to expose them to your company. This may also influence their thoughts when making purchases in the future. 

It Prompts Action and Purchases 

Once people have learnt enough online, they get motivated to take action – which can include making a purchase. With 7 in 10 people feeling confident after learning something, it drives them to make a purchase. 


Video is a great way to increase brand awareness and your visibility, and can ultimately help you to gain leads and customers. 


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Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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