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How To Write Effective Ads

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How To Write Effective Ads

We recommend for each ad group to create three ads and split test and trial them to see the best performing ad. Trialling and testing is the key and we want to be continually testing messaging and different variations. The best metric to judge the success of an ad is the click-through rate. 


Before creating an ad you want to be looking at the keywords in the ad group and the content on the landing page. You definitely want to be including the main keywords in your ads at least once. So if you are going to do three different ads what we recommend is one to be very keyword focused and contain the keywords as many times as possible whilst still making sense. This is going to help the ad relevance which is going to help the quality score leading to higher ad positions and low cost per click. 


There are character limits to the Google ads. So now you can have three headlines of 30 characters, but going back a few years you could only have two 30 character headlines. Now you also have two 90 character description lines whereas a few years ago there was only one description line of 80 characters. So you have a lot more space now.  Try to make the most out of the character space in your headlines and descriptions in order to get the best performance possible from your ads. 


So once you have written your keyword-focused ad then there are different ways you could look at writing the other two ads in the ad group. One ad could be focused on the benefits of the product/service for example high quality, low price, highly experienced. The other might be focused on incentives for example 50% off summer sale or some sort of discount. Free shipping can work well with e-commerce websites. Another tactic that can work well is time limits like limited time offer as this is using scarcity. Furthermore, try to include call to actions in your ads which can really help click-through rate. Examples of some good call to action are phrases such as shop now, call now, learn more, buy now. 


Another thing that can be a good exercise to do is to put yourself in the consumer mindset and look which ads would appeal to you. What kind of message would appeal to you if you typed in the keywords?  With all these tips above you should be well on your way to creating some powerful ads.


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Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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