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5 Insights into Social Media Psychology 

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5 Insights into Social Media Psychology 

Social Media is a great and important tool for any business to use. However, when using social media in your digital marketing strategy, it is vital that you understand the basic principles of psychology. Below, we talk about the 5 Social Media Psychology lessons that you need to know when posting online. 

5 Social Media Psychology lessons you should know: 

1. People share content to relate to others 

The aim of your Social Media posts should be to increase engagement, which can be through shares and comments. Keep in mind when creating content that a key motivator for users sharing content is through relationships with others. Here are the main reasons that users share content: 

  1. To improve the life of others – Users share a post because they feel the content will improve the lives of their audience. As a marketer, it’s important to create helpful content that will make your audience lives better in some way, resulting in them wanting to share 
  2. To grow relationships – Sharing content allows users to stay connected with others. Always think about how your content can be used to grow connections between others, to get more users involved. This can be done by encouraging users to tag others in comments, or encourage sharing by using a strong CTA 
  3. To promote causes that they believe in – Users often share content to support causes or brands that they care about. Think about which causes your brand cares for and create content that supports them. 

2. People trust their peers 

When people share content from a brand, others will trust them and are more likely to buy from that brand. Not only this, but positive reviews are a great way to show your audience that there are customers that are happy with your brand, further helping boost your brands reputation. 

3. Users are visual learners 

Over 65% of the population are visual learners, so Visual Aids on social media are key. These can include photos and videos, as this is an effective way to appeal to people. Using strong visual elements in social media is a good way to successfully promote your product or service. 

4. Colour is key 

Colour is important for social media posts, products, and your brand in general. People make up their first impressions within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with people or products, which colour can play a large role in. It is important to use colour that expresses your brand personality and consider how they will fit with your brand voice. Read our other colour in branding post. 

5. Positive content gets shared more often 

Evoking certain emotions can make a bigger impact on your audience, helping to increase the chance of a message being shared. 


Overall, an important thing to consider when building your social media strategy is to make sure that you have the users’ best interest in mind to strengthen the trust in your brand. This will help you to engage more effectively with your audience. 


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