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Using The Buying Funnel For Your Google Ads Strategy

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Using The Buying Funnel For Your Google Ads Strategy

Awareness – Awareness is at the top of the funnel.  Consumers have to know about your product or service in order to buy your product or service. At this stage, consumers don’t know enough about your products in order to type in anything specific. The keywords consumers type in when they at the awareness stage are quite generic for example washing machines, computer, plumber. 


Interest – So once a customer is made aware that your product or service your job as an advertiser is to generate interest for your product or service. You can do this by demonstrating the benefits or features of the product and showing how it can make their life better. So at this phase in the buying funnel, you need to be focusing on the benefits of your product/service in order to generate interest. Therefore your Google ads should be focusing on the product benefits. Callout extensions are a great way to do this.


Learn – Once consumers become aware and have some interest in your products you then need to give them more information so they can make an informed buying decision. At this stage, consumers start to do research into specific brands. For example, if you are looking for a washing machine you will be comparing Bosch vs Beeko.


Shop – Consumers once decided on a brand will then start looking at the specification of different models. However, they can still switch brand at this stage if another brand has better specifications. Keywords at this stage are normally more specific for example BOSCH Serie 2 WAB28161GB.


Purchase – Now they have all the information they need and are now ready to purchase. They may look to see where they can gain any other benefits from where they purchase for example longer warranties, lower shipping costs, etc.


Using this model can really help you when deciding what to write in your ads and which ads to use for certain keywords. Always try to put yourself in the consumer mindset and think which stage they are and adjust your marketing accordingly.

Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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