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New Shopping Ads Within Google Images

Image showing a girl with shopping bags

New Shopping Ads Within Google Images

Google Shopping Ads are now going to show in Google image searches. This means that if you type in relevant keywords into Google Images shopping ads will appear for this product above the image results. This is a brand new change, therefore I estimate that this will mainly apply to people searching for products in Google images. For example if someone searched for brown leather jacket in Google images then shopping ads will appear in the search results. This is shown below:


The sponsored results at the top are the shopping ads. Personally I’m not convinced how effective this will be, as you might get more wasted clicks. This could be due to people who are just looking for images clicking on the ads to take the images, which cause a waste in budget. However this is something to be tried and tested in order to determine the effectiveness of this.


Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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