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Low Quality Score ? This Is How To Improve It…

Low Quality Score ? This Is How To Improve It…

We already have an article on our site about how Quality Score is one of the most important elements in Google Adwords. This is because it heavily contributes toward your ad rank and cost-per-click. It is vital you know what the quality score of your keywords are, however in the new Adwords interface you have to manually add the quality score column as well as the factors that contribute to quality score.

I have put together a tutorial on how to do this below:

Go to your keywords page and click on columns:

Adding Quality Score Column 1

Then scroll down and click on quality score:

Add Quality Score Column 2

Then tick Quality Score, Landing Page Experience, Ad Relevance & Expected CTR and click apply:

Inserting Quality Score Column 3

You’ll then get a quality score out of 10 for each of your keywords. If you have a low quality score you can then look at the other columns in order to see what you need to improve.

What to do if you your CTR & Ad Relevance is below average?

The expected CTR is an estimate of how likely someone will click on your ad in the SERPS when someone types in your keywords. Ad Relevance is how well the keyword matches the message in your ads.

Therefore the way to improve ad relevance & expected CTR is to put as many keywords as you can into your ad as possible (make sure your ad still makes sense.) The more the keywords are in the ad, the better the ad relevance and expected CTR is likely to be. Try to use all the space available in the ads in order to convey your message and include your keywords. Other tips for writing decent ads include making your ad stand out from competitors, include a call to action and using ad extensions.


What to do if your Landing Page Experience is below average?

Landing page experience refers to a variety of factors:

  • How relevant the ads are to landing page
  • How relevant the keywords are to the landing page
  • How useful, original and relevant the content on the landing page is
  • How easy is to navigate around the site
  • How openly the the site gives information about the business and what it does
  • How long it takes for landing page to load


Therefore it is possible to improve landing page experience through number of ways. A way to make sure the landing page is relevant to the keywords and ads is to make sure you are including the keywords and content related to your keywords on your landing page. The best way you can make sure the keywords, ads and landing pages are all relevant is to make the campaign structure very granular with lots of ad groups and a small number of keywords in each ad group. When the keywords are split into small and concentrated ad groups, you’ll naturally write more relevant ads and landing pages. Structure is key!

Furthermore making the improving the navigation of the site, being transparent about the business and reducing loading time of the site will also help improve landing page experience.

I hope that this article has been useful and you now know how to improve your quality score.


Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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