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5 Essential Roles Required to Build a Digital Marketing Dream Team

5 Essential Roles Required to Build a Digital Marketing Dream Team

Your marketing team needs a collection of individuals with niche skills that can come together and work cohesively and collaborate together, to insure a successful business.

1. Creativity. A digital marketing team needs creative people, not just to come up with new ideas. Creative people tend to also think of solutions to problems quicker than those without, as they can think of outside the box solutions. This is a vital part of a team and skill for the business. Creativity is needed to translate your brand into something for the customer with meaning and emotion, and create engaging content and campaigns that can convert to leads.

2. Analysis. Having team member that are capable of analysis is vital, without it you cannot identify the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns, therefore not allowing you to learn and improve in the future. Data has to have a purpose, to transfer how the business works. Although there are a variety of technologies and tools that can help analyse results, the data is useless without someone that can apply these findings to make value-adding strategies.


3. Content Creation. With Social Networks growing every day, content read on a daily basis is increasing, and with it the need for the creation of this content. Having people on hand to create a range of topics and content that helps your brand to stand out from the rest is hugely important, inspiring your customers and viewers. This will help to increase engagement and build an audience, driving success through leads, revenue and happier customers.

4. Social Media. As we have seen, Social Media has grown rapidly over the last few years, allowing marketers a range of channels to engage with and influence customers. This allows you to build personal relationships with your customers, potentially helping to build leads as well as awareness.

5. Strategist. Without a strategy, you could be putting your eggs into the wrong baskets. Planning and organising is important to give direction to both your business and your team, allowing you to focus your assets, budget and efforts into the right places that will give you the best outcomes.

Building a strong team can ensure your success by getting together people with a variety of skills and expertise.



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Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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