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Why Email Marketing is So Important

Why Email Marketing is So Important

Although email marketing has been around for years in the digital environment, it is most certainly not dead. In fact, it’s one of the most successful ways of increasing brand loyalty, and due to its low cost, it’s most certainly still worth investing your time to.

Email marketing allows you to advertise promotions and discounts directly to those who are interested in hearing about it, helping to retain past customers. This aids brand recognition by keeping your content at the forefront of the customers mind, and builds up the relationship between you and the customer.

Viewers Take Action

Email is transactional by nature as people will always do something with it, whether that be reply, click through or buy. It is a great way to direct traffic to your website and drive sales.


Email marketing allows you to track who opened, clicked and unsubscribed to your email ad. This allows you to improve your effectiveness and measure your digital marketing strategy as a whole.


Email marketing is great for budgets as its easy, effective and inexpensive. It allows organisations to reach a large number of customers at a low rate, a great alternative to traditional advertising platforms such as tv.


Email marketing makes it easy to personalise content for better response rates, improving open and click through rates (and therefore conversion rates).


On average, for every 70p spent on email there will be an average return of £25. This together with the ability to track performance to make improvements enables a business to see ROI straight away.

Generate Leads

Email provides the opportunity to build customer and business relationships, whilst delivering informative content to increase traffic to a website.


Email can offer a variety of opportunities, and it is beneficial for your business to adopt the correct strategic approach to optimising your email marketing, from planning through to analysing results.


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Email Marketing

Increase customer loyalty by using effective email marketing.

Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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