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The Importance of Location in PPC

The Importance of Location in PPC

Ever wondered how you can target just the people that have access to your products, or within your local area? Geotargeting through PPC allows you to do this, and reap the benefits.

Geotargeting is the operation of delivering advertising or content to a website based on the users geographic location. This can be used to target local customers through paid search campaigns.

Customer Desire

Geotargeting can increase the chance of people clicking on your ads that are eligible to receive your products and services, and allows the user to find content of interest related to the site in which they are located. This also allows your organisation to become locally relevant, which customers often desire to work with local companies. You can also increase the chance of local customers clicking through by including a reference to the targeted city in the ad text. For example, the search term “kitchen fitters Birmingham” would show an ad that mentions “Local Kitchen Fitters Servicing Birmingham” which also helps increase ‘Quality Score’. 

Geotargeting Return

Certain locations can be excluded from the geotargeting PPC, to cut wasted time. It can decrease the chances of a high bounce rate, as only people eligible for your products can see the advertisements. This will also help to save your advertising budget, as it will only be used in areas that can give you a return.

Overall, whether you are a nationwide business that operates in various locations, or a small business in a smaller area, geotargeting can help you to reach your target audience within a set location. It has been proven that the percentage of number of clicks is greater in ads created by geolocation than in those that don’t have geotargeting, therefore showing how important it really is.

Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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