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How to Push Conversion Through Video Ads

How to Push Conversion Through Video Ads

Video Ads are a new and upcoming way to attract potential customers, to drive conversions and increase sales. Yoox Net-A-Porter, one of the worlds largest online luxury outlets, used this to their advantage to make an astounding six-digit sales result.

Using the Holiday Season as their theme, Yoox Net-A-Porter used a series of 25 second video ads to uniquely sell one of a kind items to customers, with a twist. The viewers had to click on the ad quick enough – otherwise it was gone forever. They named this campaign ‘The World’s Most Exclusive Collection’, a rather fitting name for something to entice customers in by unique products to suit them.

Call to Action

Yoox Net-A-Porter gathered market research from their target markets, through looking at the top luxury fashion related search terms that users searched for. They used this information to build a collection of 400 products that were normally unavailable online, and would instead be exclusive to the campaign.

Using their research, they created various video ad templates, based on the fashion product type. These ads invited viewers to take action through gamified user experiences, attracting viewers to click on the ‘Shop Now’ button. If they clicked fast enough, they would land on the products homepage, ready to be purchased, or if they were not, the offer

The campaign proved to be successful, increasing their average view through rate to 37%, which is miles above the average.

4 Tips to Increase Conversion  

  1. Customer Behaviour

You may have noticed that you can’t skip the first 5 seconds of any TrueView ad on Youtube, meaning that you have to pay attention. This allows the organisation to hook the audience, enticing them to keep watching. This of course must be relevant to the audience, and must be an insight for them.

We can see how Yoox did this, by having the meaningful insight that their audience like – exclusivity and impulse buying. The audience had to act fast and click on the ad, otherwise miss out on a unique selling opportunity.

  1. Attention and Action  

The ever growing media world today means that there is an abundance of content out there, which means that audiences are less likely to pay attention to anything if it doesn’t grab their interest.

Organisations are overcoming this, by creating bursts of action and encouraging viewers to act quickly, just as we have seen with Yoox.

  1. Simple and Easy

It may seem simple, but giving viewers clear instructions of what to do if they like what they see, is absolutely critical if you want to see conversions. Clickable invitations, as seen with Yoox, make it easy for people to shop the product, converting to sales for you.

  1. Custom Targeting

If an ad campaign isn’t relevant to the audience, you won’t see results. Yoox ensured they targeted the right people with the right ad, by using affinity audiences and custom intent audiences. These together allowed Yoox to target bargain hunting individuals, and those that had used similar keywords or browsed other fashion-related content on the internet.


Together, these four principles can ensure that your video campaign ad can drive user action, converting to sales. Just like Yoox, you can target your market to reach the right audience, and reap the benefits that come with it.


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