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GA4: It’s Your Time To Shine

video call team training session for GA4

GA4: It’s Your Time To Shine

It’s goodbye GA3 and Guten tag GA4… yes we will do anything for a bit of alliteration but more importantly, Google is sunsetting GA3 on June 30th and you need to be ready to make these 5 vital changes to avoid being stuck in the mud, so to speak.

In preparation for a smooth transition from GA3 or UA (universal analytics) as you might know it, we have put together an action list for you and, to ensure that you are ahead of the curve, we even offer remote training to your team to get you ready for the change… but we’ll get to that later!

Action 1: Configure and Deploy!

Your first action (which you should do as soon as humanly possible) is to configure and deploy GA4 across your web and app domains. There are a couple of steps involved in this and so you can find the Google article with a step-by-step guide here but before you go, know your other actions, especially number 5!

Action 2: Validation

Set up GA4 alongside your current GA3 profile so that Google can validate and understand your data. Once the translation is complete through the GA4 setup assistant, you can migrate your configurations from UA to GA4.

Actions 3 and 4: Configuration & Customisation

It’s time to configure GA4 tracking, events, reports and ensure that you aren’t under, or over, reporting. From there it is all about setting up your new reports to provide the data that is essential to you. Note: GA4 setup wizard does not backfill your new GA4 property with historical data from UA, it only collects data going forward!

Action 5: Invest In Knowledge

Knowledge is power and GA4 is very different from GA3. There is much to learn and there are plenty of hurdles standing between you and knowing the ins and outs of GA4, including migration issues not covered by Google’s help centre. Luckily, our support services at Siren offer a complete package to upskill your team. Bespoke training on the new platform is available but more than that, we can do all of the above for you… and then some! Custom configurations, property set-up services, migration management and advanced set up for eCommerce brands are all available through Siren support. For more information, reach out to our team and for all things GA4 and beyond, Siren is your new best friend. Fire us a follow on LinkedIn to stay in the loop or reach out to us directly!

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