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The ‘Coffee Shop Effect’ and How it Can Help Your Productivity 

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The ‘Coffee Shop Effect’ and How it Can Help Your Productivity 

We’ve all suffered from the post-lunch slump, finding it hard to gain motivation and counting down the hours till 5pm. It can be made even worse if you’re stuck between the same 4 walls all everyday, and can feel like inspiration is a thing of the past. 

But did you know that The Coffee Shop Effect is actually a very real thing? 

Simply walking into a new environment will help your motivation levels to increase, and once seated your creative juices will start flowing. This is because by simply changing your working environment, your brain will get kicked into gear and you’ll start to feel better. 

Why Does The Coffee Shop Effect Work? 

It’s a Proven Fact 

Although it is a well known fact that humans love routine, it is also proven that we constantly seek novelty and something exciting. When you’re presented with something new, your brain releases dopamine – that all important ‘feel good’ brain chemical. 

Additionally, as you check off your to-do list you are exercising your brains neuroplasticity, helping you to find new pathways to accomplish tasks. 

All this brain talk has made me need another coffee! 

Unproductive routines will ruin your day 

As stated before, us humans love routine. This is great when it comes to the everyday, but what happens when we get used to unproductive routine? Your brain relates specific environments with specific behaviours, and you could have built up bad habits in your everyday workspace. By breaking habits, you can inspire new habits – and more productive ones at that. 


At first glance, you might think that going to work in a coffee shop can be distracting, or that your colleagues are trying to escape for the afternoon. But they may actually be on to something, and changing your environment can actually help your productivity and create new habits. And if this feels like something you’d like to try out, take a look at our 3 Favourite Coffee Shops in Birmingham. 


Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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