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Why You Should Use Facebook Ads Instead Of ‘Boosting’ Posts

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Why You Should Use Facebook Ads Instead Of ‘Boosting’ Posts

Social Media is a great way to increase traffic and brand exposure, as well as generate quality leads and sales. Did you know that Facebook remains the platform of choice for the majority of marketers?

You may already use Facebook organically, you may even have spent some budget on ‘boosting’ your posts, but why should you use Facebook Ads? Find out below.

  1. People spend a lot of time on Facebook – the average person spends 40 minutes on Facebook – liking and commenting on content. This means that they are likely to see Facebook Ads, which they will engage with. These may even lead to them clicking through to websites and making purchases.
  2. Scalable Content Promotion – Facebook Ads will amplify the reach of your content such as updates and blog posts. What’s more, people share Facebook Ads to their own feed, meaning you are exposed to a large audience.
  3. Targeting – Facebook Ads let you target by location, age, gender, demographics, interests, behaviour and connections. This allows you to target the right people to get maximum results. You can create lookalike audiences and build custom audiences to nurture leads and build loyalty.
  4. Retargeting & Audiences – This is an extremely powerful tool as it allows you to tag visitors that come from your website with a cookie. This method boots engagement rates and increases conversion rates, not to mention helping to build good leads. It also allows you to build a Retargeting audience, helping you target past visitors in future campaigns.
  5. Manage your Ads Easily – Facebook ads is very simple to set up and use, which makes it even easier to get the results that you desire. Facebook also have handy analytics tools that can help you to get an insight on what is working well with your ads – which can be used in the future.

Facebook Ads are overall easy to use and give you much more control than simply ‘boosting’. They are also great for any objective that you have in mind, helping you gain targeted reach with just a small budget.



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Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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