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SEO 101: How to Build a Good Meta Description

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SEO 101: How to Build a Good Meta Description

A meta description is a summary or snippet of information that shows under the URL of a website in the Search results page. This is a brief description of the contents of the page to the searcher, of up to 320 characters in length. Search engines show it in search results when the meta description also includes the keywords being searched.

Meta descriptions influence the decision of the searcher, as it will attract them to click through on your content.

It should be descriptive, attractive and relevant.

Home Page Meta Description

The meta description should give a brief overview of what the site is about. This should be enticing and compelling, to encourage the users to click through to your website.

Telling the viewer what you do is most important. Alternatively, think about what your returning customers would say about your business and add this in.  Describe the one thing that your whole store offers and why people should buy from you.

After this, you should include phrases and words to attract the user to click. You may describe your company as ‘the best’ in your chosen area.

The key to writing meta descriptions for your home page is to repeatedly emphasise your brand.

Product page meta description

Creating product page meta descriptions is slightly easier than that of your home page, due to them being specific and not about your business as a whole.

A great way to structure your product meta description is by speaking about what tangible benefit your product or service is giving. This might include making certain tasks easier, or solving a problem. Include action-oriented language as a call to action.

Also give some ideas on what differentiates your product from others, making it specific and relevant to each product. Do not duplicate meta descriptions, as you may be penalised. Ensure that each description is different for each page.

Beware of stuffing the meta description with keywords, as search engines may assume that your site is spammy, meaning that you’ll be less likely to be shown.

With the 320 character limit, you may find it hard to get everything you want to say in one paragraph. Don’t be afraid to use half sentences, just ensure that all of the information you include is to the point. Always make your meta descriptions specific and relevant, and you can’t go wrong!


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