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3 Places to Go for Friday Drinks with Colleagues in Birmingham

3 Places to Go for Friday Drinks with Colleagues in Birmingham

Fridays are a time for celebrating your hard working week being over, and the weekend to begin. If you work in Birmingham, you have the great excuse to go for some quick (or long) drinks with your colleagues once the clock hits 5pm on a Friday evening. So here are our top 3 places to go for that all important steam release after a long week…  

1. The Alchemist – Quite a well know chain, the alchemist is a bar that specialises in fun and unique cocktails and drinks. It makes for a great place to let off steam and have some fun on a Friday, not to mention a great place to get to know your team workers outside of the office. Not drinking alcohol? No problem. Their non-alcoholic cocktails are just as good!

2. Revolucion de Cuba – This is a South American restaurant and bar, located right within the city centre. It’s a great place to have some food after work, before heading upstairs for a couple of drinks and a few laughs. What’s more, they also do dancing on certain nights, meaning that it’s even more of a fun night out.

3. The Bureau Bar – Perfect on a sunny evening, this bar not only has a beautiful interior and extensive cocktail menu, it also has a roof terrace. A great space to relax after a hard week at work, and what better place to watch the bustling city life pass you as you head into the weekend.


The great thing about going for drinks with your team, is that you get to know each other in a more laid back and less stressful environment, allowing you to form relationships that will in turn also help in the workplace! The city centre location also means that you can go for drinks and socialise, whilst still being able to catch the train or bus home easily and safely.

What are your favourite places to go when socialising with colleagues?


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