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Advances in Search and PPC for Mobile Devices

Advances in Search and PPC for Mobile Devices

Recently Google has put a greater emphasis on mobile search for devices such as iPhones, Android and smart phones such as BlackBerry. The increase in activity in this area is primarily due to technological advances made in terms of accessing the internet at any given time.

Mobile Web

In relative terms it could be said that the mobile web has been behind in advancement, but Google are now fast-tracking the mobile web to meet this new demand. With a mobile device the key is mobility and the need to have tailored results relevant to the user wherever their apparent location. Firstly Google has recently began to offer better mobile device targeting where advertisers are able to target specific devices, right down to specific mobile networks.

When advertising targeting these devices it is best to separate this campaign from your general search targeting campaign so you are better able to evaluate and optimize specifically for mobile. For example, some one searching using a desktop computer may search for a “birmingham ppc marketing company”, whereas a mobile user would most probably use just “birmingham ppc”. So your choice of keywords will also be different for mobile advertising.

Location Targeting

Location targeting for mobile devices is highly relevant for users out and about wanting to find local places of interest, restaurants, shops and other services. By using Ad Extension to display advertiser location with the ad means more relevant data is available for the user and gives you an even better chance to be found.

Click to call Ad Extension

In addition to this, the recent roll out of the “click to call” Ad Extension means that users can directly interact with you device specific advert like never before. Click to call means the user is given an option to automatically call your business by clicking on the ad. This is the first time the PPC advertising has been able to take advantage of a device having calling capabilities such as smart phones. What is more, the increase in capabilities has also increased for the mere advertisers or client manager with Google releasing a version of Google AdWords for mobile.

Siren Search run a number of location based, device specific campaigns to target users with the most highly targeted and relevant ads as possible with mobile advertising. With the move to smart phones such as the innovative iPhone, it has been more important than ever to ensure your business appears in search for this type of device.

Call Siren Search freephone 0800 612 8077 to speak to us about how we can get your business advertised in Google for mobile devices today.

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