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The Importance of Location in Search and PPC

The Importance of Location in Search and PPC

Local Marketing

With increasing availability of the “mobile web” and location based services, user demand for highly relevant search results has increased. The fact that more users are able to access the web wirelessly means that it is even more important to ensure you have a presence on the first page of Google through PPC.

In recent months Google has recognised this need and has stepped up in providing more location based settings to further target your AdWords ads to you local customers. At the same time more emphasis has been put on Google Maps in ensuring businesses are represented in organic listings whenever a search query contains a location factor.

Location Targeting

PPC campaigns can now use location targeted segmentation where specific campaigns target specific areas and are able to show related Local Business Center synchronised addresses. Alternatively a manually entered address can be combined to show with your PPC ads, further targeting your potential customers.

Here at Siren Search we believe in low level detailed targeting to get the best possible results. Get in touch today and see how we can ensure you appear for all local related search queries, call 0800 612 8077.

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