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6 Ways Digital Marketing is Changing in 2022

6 Ways Digital Marketing is Changing in 2022

One of the most exciting – and challenging – aspects of digital marketing is its fluidity. New technologies, techniques and standards are being made available every day, so it can be hard for a business to stay up to date. However, our experts have been hard at work planning and learning to find out how the digital marketing landscape is set to change in 2022. Here is what they learned!

All out of cookies

As we launch into 2022, online privacy is being valued more than ever and this is particularly true in digital marketing where cookies and other types of digital tracker have come under the spotlight. Third-party cookies – which allows an advertiser to track you across different sites to determine your interests – are set to disappear later this year. 

Google however, is confident that their current first-party cookie system is robust enough to manage without third-party data. What this means for you, is that if your company relies on tracking a consumer’s journey across the web via an advertising pixel, you may receive less information about your customers. 

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency

In April, Apple is set to launch their App Tracking Transparency (ATT) update which will let its users opt out of tracking across apps and websites. For any digital marketing agency, this is big news. As much as 51% of the UK population owns an apple product and from April this update will significantly limit retargeting and demographics as no user information will be provided for conversions. Not only that, but conversion events will be randomly delayed by up to two days and only one conversion event will be attributed per click. 

‘Ok Google, why do people like voice search?’

‘Voice commerce’ might be a new phrase but it has been rapidly gaining momentum over the last few years, accelerated by Covid-19, national lockdowns and the steep rise in smart speaker sales. Voice commerce is the hot trend of users searching and shopping online using their voices, rather than typing. With companies like Google, Amazon and Apple embracing this trend, our experts have been working hard to change tactics to optimise campaign performance to accommodate words we use to search when we speak as well as those we type.

Facebook’s Detailed Targeting 

Facebook allows businesses to target their audience with astonishing accuracy and when launching a paid campaign you can segment our audience into thousands of demographics from gender, location and interests to job type, relationship status, language and behaviour. While Facebook gets a lot of this information from a users ‘about’ page, it can also learn a lot through the content you engage with. However, this is set to change in January 2022 with the removal of Facebook’s detailed targeting options relating to culture and politics. This includes health, political affirmations, race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. Whilst thousands of identifying demographics will remain, this will broaden audiences and help push ads which are intentionally polarising to the sidelines in favour of more personal and consumer friendly campaigns.

Facebook Reels

Short video content has been generating a buzz in the work Facebook since reels were brought in from Instagram in September of 2021. This new way of engaging with your audience through short, highly customisable video is one to experiment with moving into the new year. Especially as advertising in reels and cross platform sharing of reels from Instagram to Facebook is introduced. 

Interactive content will be king

Hand in hand with reels, interactive content across social media is forecast to make waves in 2022. Increasing audience engagement by providing interactive elements such as polls; games, quizzes, videos, links and questions etc. will become more prominent in the year ahead, as priorities shift towards creating a personal user experience. At Siren Search, we are already looking at how we can implement interactive content across social media to help drive engagement.  

Are you braced for the changing digital landscape in 2022? Watch out for more posts from our experts about key trends in the coming months.

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