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How AMP Pages Can Strengthen Your Mobile Marketing Content Strategy 

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How AMP Pages Can Strengthen Your Mobile Marketing Content Strategy 

AMP Pages are Accelerated Mobile Pages that allows mobile content to load instantly, by taking a page that is already mobile friendly and making it load quicker. This was a project that was born in collaboration between Google and Twitter. 

Read more on AMP pages, and their benefits, below.

What are AMP Pages? 

AMP pages lead to 2x increase in time spent on page, and convert more mobile page visitors into customers. This is done by by simplifying the HTML code and streamline the CSS. Unnecessary elements such as popups and navigation menus can lower conversion rates – but with AMP can get rid of these distractions. 

Google displays AMP pages in the organic listings, but has a certain section for them. They are also displayed with small green lightning symbols next to them, further attracting more users to your web page – leading to improved click through rate. 

AMP pages allow marketers to create faster user experiences, this can be done through plugins on WordPress, if this is where your website is built. 

Not only this, but AMP pages have tracking available which allows you to identify where users came from and which pages were viewed. 

What are the Benefits of AMP Pages? 

  • There is a strong correlation between site speed, site views and mobile search engine rankings 
  • Users will view more pages on site due to low speed, which helps to reduce bounce rate. 
  • This in turn increases onsite experience which Google will reward, helping to convert mobile browser users into customers 
  • Increase engagement and conversions due to faster and better mobile experiences 
  • You will appear in the Amp carousel that rests above typical search results, boosting organic search traffic 
  • Sleeker and more functionality and more likely to engage in buttons and links 


AMP pages are extremely powerful as an upgrade to mobile friendly pages. Not only do they optimise your site for speed, but this helps with increasing engagement and website traffic. The demand for fast pages will increase in the future, as marketers compete to offer the best experience for their users. 

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