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How Your Website Security Is Affecting SEO  

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How Your Website Security Is Affecting SEO  

We all know that website security is vital, to protect you from outside threats and to keep your website safe for both you and customers. But website security can also influence your SEO. This is because, the more secure your website is, the better it will rank in the SERP’s. This increase your website’s visibility to users which therefore gives you an increased chance of conversions and leads. 

How Security Affects Website SEO 


If you look at the URL bar at the top of your computer, you will either see HTTP or HTTPS. The S stands for ‘secure’, and means that the information transmitted between users and the website is secure, as it includes in-built encryption to protect personal information. Google favourites websites with HTTPS, as well as flagging those without the secure tab as ‘not secure’, which can influence your customers and their buying habits. To turn your website into HTTPS, you need to get an SSL certificate. This can be done quickly and easily through contacting your website hosting provider. 

Update Your WordPress and Plugins 

One thing that is often overlooked is updating your website and relevant tools. However, having the relevant updates implemented on your website is vital to keeping your website secure. We recommend that you regularly check and update your WordPress and relevant plugins. You can also install a security plugin such as WP Security or Firewall. 

Server Capacity 

If your server begins to run to capacity, it can mean that Google and other search engines cannot crawl your website effectively. This of course can affect your ranking and visibility to possible customers. To prevent this happening, you can use tools that show you all the bots that have crawled your site – if they are able to crawl your site then you should have enough bandwidth. If you have third party hosting, you can contact them for more information on this. 

Tighten Security Network 

One very important way to secure your website is by tightening your security network. This includes limiting the number of login attempts at one time, and ending expired sessions. You should also always ensure that you and your team are working on an encrypted connection with a reliable VPN. This prevents any security threats, which will help you to maintain your high organic ranking. 


While website security is vital, it is also something to take into consideration with your SEO. No matter what size business you are, you should stay vigilant and put strong security procedures in place. Need help with your SEO? Contact us now to see how we can help you. 


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