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Google quietly updated location targeting

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Google quietly updated location targeting

The new location targeting update option is aimed at reaching commuters

Google has quietly been rolling out a new location targeting update over the past few days. Initially spotted in display campaigns, the updates are now included with search and shopping campaigns too.

So what exactly is changing?

Aimed at reaching commuters, the ‘People in your targeted location’ option has been changed to ‘People in or regularly in your targeted location’.

With this change, a commuter who is often in your targeted location will no longer have to be physically in your location for the ad to appear in search results.


What is important about this change?

While the change seems fairly small, it means another control option now includes machine learning which cannot be opted out of (at least for now).

While it is a good change for companies who do target commuters, it takes away a degree of control for some others. There’s currently no given outlines for what is considered being regularly located in the target area.

It would be nice to keep both targeting options separate so that certain businesses can decide if they want to target commuters or not and retain their targeting control.

However, companies can at least expect high quality traffic from this change, especially in today’s modern and very mobile world.

Emily is a Digital Marketing Executive at Siren Search.

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