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How Negative Keywords Can Affect CTR

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How Negative Keywords Can Affect CTR

Google AdWords provides a huge opportunity to marketers to advertise and increase their click through rate by being positioned higher in the search engine results pages. There are many ways to beat your competition, by increasing your bid, quality score and use of keywords. But what people often miss, is that the use of Negative Keywords can also have an impact on their campaign.

Spending more time on your negative keyword research can help you to optimise your PPC ads, showing them to relevant people. The aim of Negative Keywords is to find unrelated alternatives to your normal keywords to get irrelevant queries.

Negative Keywords to Increase CTR

By eliminating the irrelevant keywords, your ad will only appear to people that are interested in your products or services, meaning that your click through rate will increase. What’s more, when they click on your ad they will find the information that they needed, meaning that the bounce rate is likely to decrease.

How to Find Negative Keywords

There are two ways to find negative keywords – through Search Term Report and Keyword Planner. Search Term Report shows queries that triggered your ads, which you can use to find negatives and use them to increase CTR by excluding irrelevant keywords that have the highest number of impressions and click through rates.

The keyword planner tool allows you to download a list of relevant and irrelevant queries.

To get maximum benefits, use negative keywords in your Google AdWords ad groups. This means that the negative words will be appropriate to just that ad group, and won’t affect the whole campaign.

Overall, finding the appropriate negative keywords is a never ending process, but one that can benefit your overall PPC campaign. Ensure that you are reviewing your negative keywords often, helping you to receive the impressions, conversion rates and click through rates that you desire.


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