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Google’s Future – the Death of Google+ and How It’ll Affect You

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Google’s Future – the Death of Google+ and How It’ll Affect You

In April 2019, Google+ will be shut down for consumers due to their user data was left exposed.

Google have warned that G Suite customers may see changes to their account due to this change, due to them adding new features to the Google+ for G Suite customers.

Changes to G Suite Customers:

  • Google+ content will start to be removed, but may still remain visible to G Suite users
  • Google+ pages and events will be deleted for all users
  • Any users that cancel their G Suite accounts will have their content deleted
  • Communities outside your domain will be deleted
  • Users outside of your domain will no longer be able to create custom public communities

Actions to perform:

  • A new Google+ Android App will be released, meaning that users will need to update their app before 7th March to continue using the feature on their mobile device
  • Download any communities that you own outside of your domain before April 2019
  • Download any content that you want to keep from Google+ pages and events before April 2019
  • Remove Google+ gadgets by March 2019
  • Leave the Beta Program as there may be issues on this platform

For more information, refer to the help article on Google or contact their support team.

Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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